CBCI: Justice Kurian Joseph, Retired Supreme Court Judge, A faithful Christian, an Upright Citizen and a Saintly Man.

CBCI: Justice Kurian Joseph, Retired Supreme Court Judge, A faithful Christian, an Upright Citizen and a Saintly Man.


Glowing tributes were paid to Justice Kurian Joseph by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI), as he demitted his office on 30th November 2018.


A special Eucharist was celebrated on December 14, 2018, in the CBCI Chapel to thank God for the gift of the person of Justice Kurian to the Nation and the Church. The Holy mass was presided over by His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias, the President of the CBCI.  Archbishop Anil Couto, Archbishop of Delhi, Bishop Joshua Ignathios, First Vice President CBCI, Bishop Lumen Monteiro, Chairman Caritas India and Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, Secretary general, CBCI concelebrated along with 9 priests resident at the CBCI Centre.

Rich and appreciative tributes were paid to Justice Kurian during the Eucharist and specially by all the Bishops after mass at a brief felicitation service that followed. Cardinal Gracias described Justice Kurian as a man who not only knew to keep the balance but also as a man deeply committed to the Eucharist and to his family. He also described him as someone deeply influenced by participation in Church Activities whether as a member of the Youth Group or other church organizations. Bishop Joshua among other things praised Justice Kurian for the wonderful values that he had inculcated into his family. Archbishop Anil lauding him for his upright life and love for the Blessed Sacrament pointed out to his immense courage shown in speaking out when it was absolutely necessary. Bishop Lumen expressed his admiration for the work and life of Justice Kurian. Bishop Theodore called him an upright honest, forthright Judge, faithful to his convictions and faithful to God and the Church.


Justice Kurian was highly acclaimed not only for his intellectual acumen, but also for his deep spiritual life which influenced and enhanced his work in the Civil and Judicial fields. All the Bishops spoke of their very enriching experiences they had with Justice Kurian. Bishop Theodore congratulated Justice Kurian for being the Judge who has scripted and delivered the second highest number of Judgements in the History of the Supreme Court. This showed his hard work, proficiency and efficiency he said.


Justice Kurian said he was deeply moved and attributed his many qualities to his parents, His Family and his active life in the Church. He shared how he began his life as a young boy in the Church as an altar server. He left all enthralled as he recited by memory parts of the Mass both in Syriac as well as in Latin, demonstrating to be a really supra-ritual man. Until his appointment as a Judge, Justice Kurian was a member of all the catholic associations and groups in his parish, at the diocesan level and also at the regional level. He said he was very sad when he continue the same active role in the Church that he used to play before.  Sharing his experiences, Justice Kurian amused the audience when he revealed that that his judge colleagues and lawyers would think that he was a ‘priest’ and would say that were going to ‘the priest court’. One day it was revealed to them that he was not a priest but their admiration for him continued. Justice Kurian was presented with a beautiful Crucifix and a cloth Picture of our Lady. Fr. Jervis D’Souza, the Deputy Secretary General CBCI proposed the vote of thanks.



Justice Kurian and his family mingled with the Bishops, Fathers and Sisters of the CBCI Centre during breakfast. Earlier in the Chapel, his little granddaughter was the cynosure of all eyes as she stepped before the altar after mass, closed her eyes and prayed.


As he begins his retirement, he hopes to continue to be of service to all people. We wish him, his wife and his family God’s blessings, as we remember and pray for him with much gratitude and pride.   


--- Fr Jervis D’Souza,

Deputy Secretary General