Peace Meeting of Inter-Religious and Ecumenical Leaders of Jaipur led by Rt. Rev. Theodore Mascarenhas, Secretary General of CBCI

Peace Meeting of Inter-Religious and Ecumenical Leaders of Jaipur led by Rt. Rev. Theodore Mascarenhas, Secretary General of CBCI held on 1st December 2018 at Pastoral Centre, Jaipur


A Report


A PEACE MEETING of Inter-Religious and Ecumenical Leaders in Jaipur, Rajasthan on 1st December 2018.  The all-religion seminar on inter community peace and national harmony organized jointly by All India Catholic Union, Alliance Defence Forum India and Jaipur Catholic Welfare Society commenced with lighting of the lamp by the religious leaders. Mr. Lancy D’Çunha, National President of All India Catholic Union welcomed all the leaders and brought out the need for living in peace with people of different faiths.  Rt. Rev Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, the Secretary General of CBCI in his keynote address appreciated the people of State of Rajasthan who have maintained religious tolerance. He exhorted all the leaders to come together and build bridges of humanity.

Fr. Shibu, Director, Ecumenical Commission of Jaipur Diocese introduced the religious leaders and all were felicitated.

Rajyogini BK Sushma Didi of Brahma Kumari called upon the audience to create feelings and speak love and spread peace which is required by all.

Captain Satwant Singh belonging to Sikh community urged to bring about brotherhood which was taught by Guru Nanakji since all are human.

Shri Tekchand Rahul of Budhism pointing out the danger to the Constitution which was given by Dr. Ambedkar and exhorted all to make religions promoter of peace and harmony,.

Shri A.R.Khan of Islam referred to tolerance in Quran and urged the people to practice peace and harmony.

Pastor John Mathew of Emmanuel Mission read the bible verses and emphasized the need to bring transformation of peace and maintain religious tolerance and bring all together;

Shri Kamal Babu Jain of Jain community brought out that teachings of all religions are based on togetherness and the right to live and practice the language of peace.  He exhorted all to love each other and promote peace as taught by Bhagwan Mahavir.

Shri Praveen Bade Bhaiya of Hinduism appealed to all to pray to God and the society to spread the message of peace through Peace committees.

Mr. Simon of Bahai Samaj reiterated that love should be in action and unity should be firmly followed.  He urged the people to investigate yourself and practice peace and harmony.

Shri Dharmaraj Das of Iskon Temple reciting a prayer of peace stated that God disposes every thing and He does not discriminate. Bringing out the principle of Iskon movement as given in Bhagwat Gita he urged people to live with sense of independency and promote peace.

Kumari Manjit Kaur in her speech appealed to ponder and implement peace according to one’s conscience.

Pastor Krus Loyal of Church of North India urged that when God made human his intention was to go to the whole world and proclaim peace to mankind.  Therefore all should live in peace as God love us all unconditionally.

All the religious leaders came out to appeal to the people of Rajasthan to promote religious and cultural understanding, peace, harmony and interreligious and intercultural dialogue to sort out the differences among people and to eliminate intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief.

A resolution passed at the peace meeting called upon the State to encourage people to support, on a voluntary basis, the spread of the message of interfaith harmony and goodwill, each according to their own religious traditions and convictions.

After the Christmas message by Mr. A. Chinnappan, Christmas cake was cut.

After closing statement by Mr. K.A.Jose and vote of thanks by Mrs Deepali Paul the peace meeting concluded with message of love leading to peace.