5th International Day of Prayers and Awareness against Human Trafficking

5th International Day of Prayers and Awareness against Human Trafficking

On dated 8th February 2019, we the family of Caritas India came together to be the part of 5th International day of prayer and awareness against Human Trafficking, it is a day to show our solidarity and prayer towards the victim of human trafficking and its survivor. This day is intended to raise awareness and encourage reflection on the violence and injustice that impact victims of human trafficking.

Why 8th February? It is the day commemorating St. Josephine Bakhita, the patron saint of anti-trafficking in the Catholic faith. St. Josephine Bakhita was a human trafficking survivor born in the Darfur region of southern Sudan. At very young age of 7 she got kidnapped and sold into slavery, after that she re-sold several times and went through lot of trauma and physical torture.

Father Paul, Executive director of Caritas India, welcomed all the staff in the solidarity prayer session and urge everyone to pray for the human trafficking victims/survivor, owner them and make them feel that we all are with them.

“Globally many initiatives are taking place to mainstreaming the trafficked victims/survivors, its not possible to reach everyone but we need to make sure to extend our help to as many victims of trafficking” said by Father Paul.

During the prayer seven candles were lit representing victims of human trafficking from seven continent of the world. Human trafficking is considered one of the most profitable business after drug and animation. Trafficking is happening all around the world. 72% trafficked victims are women,30% of trafficked victims are girls and boys.

His, excellency Bishop Theodore Mascharenhas, gave the message to be united and stand against the human trafficking and said that we all need to be conscious of what is happening around us and do as much as we can do for the upliftment and betterment for the trafficked victim. It is a burning issue and concern and only government can bring the change, being a church and organization, we can raise our voice louder and stand against it strongly.

He, at last said "Gather goodness from every little thing and spread it all over". Finally, it was concluded by a song -We shall overcome someday.