Training on Bonded Labour Abolition Act, 1976 and Migration

Training on Bonded Labour Abolition Act, 1976 and Migration

CBCI Office for Labour – Labour Commission Ahmadabad, December 19th, 2018

CBCI Office for Labour/ Workers India Federation (WIF) in collaboration with the Diocese of Ahmadabad Labour Commission organised one day training on Bonded Labour and Migration on 19th December, 2018 at KAIRA Social service Society, Hansol, Ahmadabad. Fr. Jagdish Macwan, Secretary Labour Commission and Director of KAIRA welcomed the gathering. Fr. Paresh Parmar VG, Diocese of Ahmadabad in his inaugural speech said the justice in the Bible and the justice in the sight of the world are different he shared the Gospel message on Matthew 20:1-16: ‘...  Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?’ “So the last will be first, and the first will be last”. Fr. Lawrence, the Principal, St. Xavier’s School appreciated the work of Labour commission and encouraged them in his words of felicitation.  Fr. Jaison Vadassery, Secretary CBCI Office for Labour & Director WIF addressed the issues of the Unorganised workers in India particularly the Migrant Labourers. He said the bonded labour and migration are interconnected in India as well as in the foreign countries. Bonded labour is the modern day slavery. He also said in consonance with the Global compact that Migration is a powerful driver of economic growth, dynamism and understanding. It allows millions of people to seek new opportunities, benefiting communities of origin and destination alike. But when poorly regulated, migration can intensify divisions within and between societies, expose people to exploitation and abuse, and undermine faith in government. He observed the view of UN and reiterated that this month the world took a landmark step forward with the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. The Compact is people-centered and rooted in human rights.

It points the way toward more legal opportunities for migration and stronger action to crack down on human trafficking. Let us take the path provided by the Global Compact: to make migration work for all. Further Sr. Rani and Fr. Jaison gave them training on Bonded Labour Rescue, Release & Rehabilitation. Training highlighted the offences and procedures for trial which the victims are unaware of such as:

  • Punishment for enforcement of bonded labour
  • Punishment for advancement of bonded debt
  • Punishment for extracting bonded labour under the bonded labour system
  • Punishment for omission or failure to restore possession of property to bonded labourers.

This has enthused the participants to rescue bonded labourers whom they have identified in the houses and fields in their working area.

The Purpose of the programme was to commemorate the International Migrants day as well as to train the Animators on Bonded Labour which is the need of the time in Gujarat as there are bonded labourers in Brick kiln, sugarcane fields and other agriculture fields. 

The participants were enlightened by the training and the KAIRA Social Service Society has taken action plan to assist the following areas and organise them: Domestic Workers, Factory workers and to care for the migrant workers.

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