Joint Meeting of the Deputy Secretaries of the Regional Bishops' Councils, Secretaries of CBCI Office/ Councils, and Resident Priests at CBCI Centre, New Delhi
A meeting of the Deputy Secretaries of the Regional Bishops' Councils, Secretaries of CBCI Office/Councils,  and Resident Priests began this morning at the CBCI Centre, Delhi today 16th November 2018. 
The meeting began with the Holy Eucharistic Celebration with Lauds. His Grace Archbishop John Barwa Archbishop of Cuttack Bhuwaneshwar who is transiting through Delhi presided over the Mass and beseeched the Lord’s  blessings.  His Lordship Theodore Mascaranas, the Secretary General CBCI, Delhi, in his homily reminded the participants about their duties to the Lord and to our fellow human beings. He emphasized the need for faith and dedication in our work.
The meeting began officially at 8:30. Rev. Fr. Deepak Thomas led the opening prayer and Bishop Theodore Mascaranas welcomed the members and gave the inaugural address. 
In his inaugural address, the Secretary General of CBCI stressed on the need to follow up plans put forward by the Plenary Assembly and to co-ordinate diocesan and regional secretariats with the CBCI. He also emphasized the importance of disseminating the information about our achievements and the service that the Church renders to the people in our Country. The Good that we do should shine and stand as an example to others to follow. 
Fr Jervis the Deputy Secretary General moderated over the  presentations  their report. Fr Thomas Vadadakel, Secretary for Office of Doctrine, Fr John Ponnore, Deputy. Secretary for Chhattisgarh Region, Fr Deepak Thomas, Secretary for CBCI  Council for Youth, Fr Purushottam Nayak, Deputy  Secretary of Odisha Region, Mr V C Sebastian, Secretary for the CBCI  Council for Laity, Fr Amalraj, Deputy Secretary of North East Region, Fr Jaison Vadassery, Secretary for the CBCI Office of Labour and Fr Joseph Arlagadda, Secretary of Telugu Region and Fr. Sebastian Vadakkam the Secretary of the CBCI Desk for prison Ministry presented their reports. The reports listed the various programmes conducted by the offices. There was a vivid discussion after each report and proposals were put forth by participants. 
The participants appreciated the work done by various Councils, Offices and Regions. The participants were invited by the Apostolic Nuncio to India and Nepal for a lunch. The Nuncio apprised himself of the work the different Offices and Regions were doing. He underlined the need for communion and communication in our work. He insisted on the holiness of the priesthood and expressed his immense admiration and love for the Church in India. 
In the evening more Secretaries will present their reports and Advocate Siju Thomas of the ADF-Alliance for Democratic Freedom will address the participants on the legal challenges facing the minorities. 

Report by Fr. Jilson
Deputy Regional Secretary of JHAAN Region