CBCI Centre

C. B. C. I. Centre, New Delhi

The CBCI Centre is the Headquarters of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. In 1962 the CBCI Headquarters were transferred from Bangalore to the present CBCI Centre at New Delhi.

It is headed by the Deputy Secretary General who is assisted by various Secretaries of the CBCI. Secretaries of some Offices also reside at the Centre. Caritas India, the Social and Developmental wing of the CBCI, has its headquarters at the CBCI Centre.

Add : C.B.C.I Centre 1, Ashok Place Near Gole Dakkhana New Delhi - 110 001, India.
Tel (O) : (011) 2334 4470, 2336 2956, 2334 4695
Fax (O) : (011) 2336 4615 (CBCI)
E-mail : cbcisec@gmail.com
Website : www.cbci.in

Residents of the C.B.C.I. Centre :

  1. Rev. Fr. Joseph Chinnayyan, Deputy Secretary General of CBCI and Director of the CBCI Centre.

  2. Rev. Bro. Vivek Anand Soreng, IMS, House Minister.

  3. Rev. Fr. Z. Devasagayaraj, Secretary, CBCI Office for SC/BC.

  4. Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Tirkey, SJ, Secretary, Committee for Tribal Affairs.

  5. Rev. Fr. Joseph Manipadam, SDB, Secretary, CBCI Office for Education and Culture.

  6. Rev. Fr. Frederick D’Souza, Executive Director, Caritas India.

  7. Rev. Fr. Paul Moonjely, Assistant Executive Director, Caritas India.